SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Limited Edition Stacy’s Pita Crisps Dipped in Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt

Limited Edition Stacy's Pita Crisps Dipped in Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt

I remember when pita chips were considered a healthier option for potato chips. (Spotted by Rachel C at Costco.)

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6 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Limited Edition Stacy’s Pita Crisps Dipped in Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt”

  1. I purchased a bag of Stacys Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Pita Chips at Costco in Parker, CO in January while visiting my daughter. I would like to purchase them again and can’t find them online.

  2. We purchased a bag of this EXCELLENT product in February at Littleton, CO. Now can’t find them on line! ? We love them. Please, please make this product available!

  3. These were incredible! Unfortunately, they are no longer available at Costco. I just wrote to Stacy’s to ask where we can find them and I’m going to contact Costco, too!

  4. Yeah…Stacy needs to get it together and start selling these babies everywhere! I bought a bag a COSTCO and they no longer have them and I can’t find them anywhere else!

    Come on Stacy!

  5. I found them at discount store and my girlfriend loved them and now we cant find them enywere.please let me no were i can get them or order them please.

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