Mtn Dew White Label

The can’s ingredients label says it has white grape juice concentrate and concentrated orange juice. So now that we know that, it seems less mysterious and exotic to me. (Spotted by Josh C at Walmart.)

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6 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Mtn Dew White Label”

  1. I’ve got to try this! I absolutely loved the Black Label and I’m glad I won’t have to wait as long for it to hit store shelves.

    For whatever reason I thought this would have a tropical pineapple/coconut flavor, but it still sounds good.

    1. Same, LOVE the Black Label. I sense a trip to Walmart in my future.. But since I’ve kinda given up drinking soda, a sad day indeed.. but maybe this could be my treat once in awhile..

  2. If I remember correctly Mountain Dew has orange juice in it anyway so this would just be a flavored variety of that. Tropical does sound good and the white grape juice should make a great flavor base. I can’t wait for Green Label!

  3. Wow I’m not nearly as excited to try it now. Just found out that it has sucralose in it. I HATE sucralose and its vile aftertaste! It has ruined so many drinks now, especially my childhood favorite, Hawaiian Punch. There is no resemblance to the original now. Thin, watery, and horrible aftertaste. This is a huge and disappointing step backwards for Mountain Dew. We have and who knows who else to thank for this crap don’t we? Worst part is they don’t even label these products as “light” or “diet” or whatever so we buy these things expecting full flavor and no aftertaste then get an ugly surprise from the first sip. If people want that option, fine. But label it that way and sell it alongside the regular product for those of us who are not worried about sugar and don’t like to be forced to “take the artificial sweetener” or leave it!
    I can only hope Green Label won’t also have this unpleasant stuff in it too!

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