SPOTTED ON SHELVES: International Delight One Touch Latte

International Delight One Touch Latte

How do these work? Watch the video below that might make you ask another question, “How do you not make a mess with these if they squirt out with that much pressure?” (Spotted by Tim at Walmart.)

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10 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: International Delight One Touch Latte”

  1. …sigh, this is ridiculous…but part of me is so curious that i might take a walk of shame with it through the checkout line…

  2. OMG I am having my first cup now and it’s amazing……fatning……but amazing. Each serving has 6 grams of fat and each can only makes 7 lattes. Such a guilty pleasure.

  3. I just got the caramel one this weekend and it’s so good! And it isn’t as messy as the video makes it look. I squirt it around the inside edge of the mug so there is no splashing & it expands to cover the whole top of the beverage. Really tasty.

  4. I bought it and it’s delicious for the first two sips before it completely evaporates into a tasteless waste of money!?

  5. I bought the mocha and it tastes like chocolate whipped cream! It’s really tasty and definitely fattening. I’m not sure I would buy it again due to the fat and sugar, but I’m going to enjoy every cup until it’s gone!

  6. I broke down and bought one… Got it home and all that came out was a tired drizzle and then nothing…absolutely nothing like the video. Figured that I got a lemon so I took it back and replaced it. Great—for about three tries, then the same thing—drizzle for about two tries, then nothing… Have tried leaving it out because we thought it got too cold— still nothing…It seems that there is a defective CO>2 delivery system… If that could be fixed, it might be a good product…but it still would be over-priced.

    1. Yes! I’m experiencing the same problem…they definitely have a defect that needs to be fixed!!

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