SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Red Bull Lime Edition and Purple Edition

Red Bull The Lime Edition and The Purple Edition

The Lime Edition is a limeade-flavored Red Bull and the Purple Edition is acai berry-flavored. (Spotted by David P.)

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6 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Red Bull Lime Edition and Purple Edition”

  1. The Lime one is very good, weirdly natural lime flavor not that artificial citrus lemon/lime flavor. I want to try the purple one now.

    1. Where did you find this at ?
      OP doesn’t say where it was located at either
      Just want to know if this is an exclusive at some store or if i should be able to locate it easily anywhere

  2. ***WARNING***
    These sugar free Lime Red Bull drinks are not nearly as good as the smaller, sugared variety ((currently only available in Canada, boo!). Those original are nice and tart, much like a natural lime-ade would be. They go great with neutral spirits.

    These one are pretty tasty, however. 7/10, would buy again.

  3. I miss the ‘old’ lime flavor, the one in the silver can. This one isn’t too bad and I’ll have to check out the sugar free version. Not a big fan of Red Bull normally, way too expensive.

  4. Saw both at a Target in Southeast Pennsylvania two days.

    Bought the Green one – haven’t tried it yet.

  5. I’m not really a fan of Red Bull drinks mainly due to taste, but the limeade flavor is pretty good, I found it at my local Walgreens, I would buy it again.

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