BACK ON SHELVES: Cheetos Paws (2017)

Cheetos Paws (2017)

They’re back! Pawww yeah! (Spotted by Carla at Fred Meyer.)

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33 thoughts to “BACK ON SHELVES: Cheetos Paws (2017)”

  1. The best version of Cheetos, not as crunchy as the original and not as airy as the puffs. I’ve been waiting years for these. Must find.

    1. I dont like them. Not good as the originals back then. This new version is to light and airy. Dosent even leave a cheesy residue on your hands. Unlike the original version, wich was heavily cheesy and more thicker. Im so very disappointed.

      1. I’ve been mourning the loss of Paws for over 25 years. Few people understand that they actually tasted different (and better) than Cheetos – that they weren’t just shaped different. The flavor was AMAZING. A few years back I picked up the Halloween shaped Cheetos in my yearning for Paws, hoping that they’d be the same just different shape. Wasn’t impressed at all. When I saw Paws back on shelves this week I stared in delight for about 5 minutes. But in my heart I felt that they’d probably be nothing like the original Paws of the early ’90s and would be just like the other shaped snacks they have out now. I didn’t buy them and it sounds like my instincts were spot on. Original Paws were so special. I can’t fathom why companies have the sense to bring back a popular, in demand product and use a completely different recipe. So dumb. They really underestimate our memory and the desire for the ORIGINAL recipe.

  2. Saw them at Kroger also. Wish they came white cheddar since I can’t find the snowflakes anymore. Finished my last bag yesterday

  3. Will definitely buy a bag if I see them at Ralphs or Vons. I don’t really remember if I preferred these or the cheesy checkers, but both of them seemed to have this more intense flavor than regular Cheetos, which I liked.

  4. Didnt taste like the original they are softer more like the puffs do not look the same either ?? i am so sad and mad i was so looking forward to having my favorite snack back…

    1. Agree completely! The old ones were cheesier and more dense. And yes, a completely different paw shape. These are not the same. Sad face.

    2. Yean never lied! Shame on cheeto. We need to take um to court. Lol! I seriously want my money back. P.S. kind of how I felt about the new pine sol in 2014.

    3. So glad I read this before spending a fortune on the long awaited return of these. In my heart I knew they’d be different and that’s more depressing than having them discontinued. Just use the original recipe Cheetos, come on! People aren’t dumb you can’t fool us. We remember what the delicious original Paws tasted and looked like!

  5. Didnt taste like the original they are softer more like the puffs do not look the same either ?? i am so sad and mad i was so looking forward to having my favorite snack back…

  6. I am sooooooooooooo happy right now!!!!!!!! I have waited for years!!!!!!!! Even though they are kind of softer than the puffs, I found some bags at Kroger. I must get them.

  7. They have them at Kroger. No, they’re not the same. They’re a lot thinner than the originals, but they’re still really good.

  8. I also noticed that they weren’t the same—I remember the original Paws as being denser and having a more intense, saltier flavor than the regular crunchy Cheetos. I’ll probably finish the bag, but even if I see them again I don’t think I’ll buy them a second time.

    1. Exactly!! I’ve never been a fan of Cheetos, but the PAWS were awesome!!! Crunchier and cheesier. I’ve told my kids they may never know how good they actually were, which is sad.

  9. I ate these constantly as a kid, us millenials are alot of wannabe critics who are rarely satisfied. True the shape and crunch is different but the taste is the same just like xs and os and checkers. Dont be fooled by unsatisfactory comments because just as many people see agree they do taste the same

    1. I don’t think people are being fooled. Some people think they taste the same and some people don’t. That doesn’t make those that do right, and those that don’t wrong.

  10. I also saw them at Shop rite! I wasnt sure if they were going to be like the old Xs and Os that I LOVED so I only grabbed 1 bag. I actually found them to be closer to the Xs and Os than all the ‘puff’ varieties, but not totally there yet! Unfortunately when I went back to buy more they were no where to be found!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  11. I loved paws as a kid. I found them at a Meijer. They are thinner not as cheese. I remember the paws were not really crunchy, I find the new this one’s are more of a crunchy then the old ones. I have been waiting for these to come back and they are good but I’m disappointed they arent like the old ones

  12. These do not taste like original Paws. I was so let down. These do not have the same texture. They are thin and greasy.

  13. No the same, these are basically puffs shaped like paws. I really wish they would have kept them the same as before, they were perfect! Might as well buy puffs?

  14. Just got some at Wal-Mart and tried them now. Not the same as the original. not as desnse. THey are not as good, but that won’t stop me from finishing the bag!

  15. Love them. They’re definitely not the same as the originals, but more of a spin-off. Not what I was hoping for still not he is. It took me a little while to warm up to them but now they are go to snack again. I scoured the internet for finding them. I usually order online for Target or something and go pick it up to guarantee that they are there. They’re getting harder to find. Please tell me they are not a limited edition. Stop taking away the good stuff.

  16. These don’t taste anything like the original. The only thing the same is that they’re orange. These are basically misshaped cheeto puffs.

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