SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Lay’s Southwestern Queso and Beer ‘n Brats Potato Chips

Lay's Southwestern Queso and Beer 'n Brats Potato Chips

Update: We reviewed the Southwestern Queso! Click here to read our review.

So this post is more like a Spotted on Shelves/Back on Shelves since Beer ‘n Brats was a regional flavor last year. (Spotted by Matt K at Walmart.)

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6 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Lay’s Southwestern Queso and Beer ‘n Brats Potato Chips”

    1. I absolutely love the southwestern queso flavor Lays chips. Good seasoning and good flavor. I seen them for the first time and decided I would try them. Loved them, so I want back to Wal-Mart where I found them and couldn’t find anymore they were all gone. The beer and brat flavor is still sitting on the shelf not being bought. I had to go to Ingles and buy all of the bags they had in stock. I’m a chip lover and would gladly give up all my other chips for the southwestern queso flavor Lays.

      1. I agree I can’t find them here as well in pelham, al. Anymore. Just the beer and brats one.

  1. I just found these at an Albertsons in LA this week. The Queso is amazing! A nice, spicy zing to it. The Beer ‘ Brats are OK – I’m not a fan of beer, and after eating a bunch, I did have a beer aftertaste lingering in my mouth; that said, the chips were still enjoyable.

    But now I want to go back to Montreal and buy more Poutine-flavored chips. And Extreme Pickle Doritos.

  2. I love the beer and brat chips! Tastes like a crunchy bratwurst. No beer taste which is great since I hate the taste of veer.

    1. Beer and brats I love but can not find them any where have you seen them any where? Any one know where you can buy them in Oklahoma City

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