Oreo Egg

Oreo Eggs 2

Were you jealous when Canadians could crack open Oreo Eggs last year? Be jealous no more because the U.S. now has the creme filled candy with cookie pieces. (Spotted by Jenn G at Dollar General and Amanda Y at Target.)

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5 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Oreo Egg (U.S.)”

  1. I notice no Cadbury branding on this. Although much like the moon I can’t see the dark side of it so it’s possible. I wonder if that means this a Mondelez only venture and not manufactured by Hersey’s like all of the other US Cadbury products.

  2. My BFF is Canadian and sent me the Cadbury Oreo and Cadbury Chips Ahoy…and the peanut butter KitKat actually. They were interesting, decent to try but I still prefer either the regular Cadbury or Mini Eggs better.

  3. Spotted Orieo Eggs in the sweet shop in BOld Street Liverpool. Didn’t. Up them as they were £7.99 a bag

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