SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Malt-O-Meal French Toasters Cereal

Malt-O-Meal French Toasters Cereal

Slightly disappointed these aren’t toast-shaped like the current and original French Toast Crunch. Instead, it looks like French Toast Crunch when it wasn’t very good and was discontinued. (Spotted by Amanda Y at Target.)

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One thought to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Malt-O-Meal French Toasters Cereal”

  1. I HAD to comment. I haven’t tried French Toast Crunch® so I’m not comparing BUT, I picked up a bag of these to make cereal bars for my grandsons Halloween party at School (he picked em) I gotta say, he did GOOD! Im not into sugary cereal as a bowl of meal…but as a treat? the flavor of these little morsels is outstanding! They have a distinct coffee flavor . I know….weird huh? But if you love the flavor/aroma of coffee, you’re seriously going to go ape shit for these. They have a nice crunch without tearing your gumb to shreds like the Cap’N does. Lol And most other sugar-coated cereal does by nature.
    I haven’t tried them in a bowl of milk yet. I don’t want to ruin my lovely little affair with a soggy, disappointing mess .
    Bottom line…these have a great flavor with a dominate coffee twist and the crunch is satisfyingly forgiving.
    Grab ya a bag before they’re discontinued, because that’s what these.big brands do….earn your love then rip.your heart out. Lol

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