FAST FOOD NEWS: Starbucks Cinnamon Almondmilk and Coconutmilk Mocha Macchiatos

Iced Cinnamom Almondmilk Macchiato

Starbucks has two new macchiato varieties for a limited time — the Cinnamon Almondmilk Macchiato and Coconutmilk Mocha Macchiato.

Inspired by the horchata, the Cinnamon Almondmilk Macchiato is made with Espresso roast, almondmilk, and cinnamon dolce syrup. It’s also topped with Starbucks’ signature caramel cross-hatch and a sprinkle of cinnamon dolce topping. The Coconutmilk Mocha Macchiato features Espresso roast, Sumantran coconut milk, white chocolate mocha syrup, a caramel syrup cross-hatch, and mocha syrup.

The two beverages will be available for a limited time and can be ordered hot or cold.

A Grande hot Coconutmilk Mocha Macchiato has 200 calories, 80 calories from fat, 9 grams of fat, 8 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 5 milligrams of cholesterol, 160 milligrams of sodium, 28 grams of carbohydrates, 0 grams of fiber, 25 grams of sugar, and 2 grams of protein.

If you’ve tried either or both, let us know what you think in the comments.

(Image via Starbucks)

2 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: Starbucks Cinnamon Almondmilk and Coconutmilk Mocha Macchiatos”

  1. Just tried the cinnamon one this a.m. — VERY good. Will try the coconut mocha soon, hoping it’s as good!! 🙂

  2. Amazing! My daughter and I tried the Cinnamon Almond milk Macchiato this afternoon. We both loved it and they made mine with decaf which has been hard to find at other Starbuck stores around here. Haven’t had a chance to try the coconut mocha but will. My daughter can’t have dairy so she was thrilled it had almond milk. Please make these permanent.

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