SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Cow Candy Pinkie Pie Strawberry and Prime Punch Jack Cheeses

This was obviously made by someone who has a lot of time (and cheese) on their hands. (Spotted by Shawn S at Stop & Shop.)

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8 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Cow Candy Pinkie Pie Strawberry and Prime Punch Jack Cheeses”

  1. I mean…fruit and cheese is obviously a natural pairing. This, however, looks like it fell here from another planet

  2. I like string cheese probably more than the average guy, but these are definitely a no for me. The sweetened cream cheese on a red velvet cupcake is about as close as I am willing to get to a combination of cheese and sweetness. The fact that these products only have one gram of sugar per serving is not much of a bonus – an unsweetened fruit punch flavor or unsweetened strawberry flavor doesn’t sound great. Maybe they are sweetened, but with aspartame or some other fake sugar.

  3. I had to at least buy one to test them out. I bought Fruit Punch for several reasons, 1 – I’m a guy and there’s Transformers on it, 2 – I was imagining the Strawberry would be like a chewable/chunky version of Yoo Hoo Strawberry.

    Took one bite and decided I didn’t like the flavor. The cheese is kind of mild, but then you get a mild kick of fruit punch. Kind of bland yet kind of odd flavored. It was like someone added way too much water while making fruit punch, yet added a bunch of red food coloring.

    1. At first I thought these were some weird thick twizzler, then I thought it was a rip off of cow tails, and finally I realized it was flavored string cheese.
      Is this really what it’s coming to now?
      I love your review, and I wish I could say that it confirmed my suspicions that I’ll probably hate it and scared me off from wasting money on it, but unfortunately it just makes me want to try the pinky pie flavor that much more for comparison. I mean… someone had to like them for them to be sold, right?

  4. Has anyone seen these in Ohio? My adventurous taste buds really want to try these!
    At first I was almost appalled at these flavor combinations, but then I thought is it really that much different than fruit flavored yogurt? I’m willing to give it a try!
    Btw, there are a few more flavors out there. Honey, grape and orange! Wild!

  5. I really want to buy one to test them out. Specifically strawberry, for one reason: I’m a guy and there’s Ponies on it.

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