SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Nestle Coffee-mate Natural Bliss Cold Brew Coffee

Nestle Coffee mate Natural Bliss Cold Brew Coffee

If International Delight can go from a creamer brand to a creamer AND coffee brand, so can Coffee-mate. Now before you get excited about this. According to the Coffee-mate website, these are currently only available on the West Coast and won’t be available nationwide until 2018. (Spotted by Carla at Fred Meyer.)

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3 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Nestle Coffee-mate Natural Bliss Cold Brew Coffee”

  1. Given how delicious the sweet cream is in coffee already, I can’t wait to try these once they hit my area.

  2. I found this cold brew at both Walmart and Safeway. I even got two coupons, one for $1.50 off and another for $2.00 off only to go in this morning to find that they are no longer carrying it. I haven’t checked Walmart but of course the coupon will not be valid at Safeway. It’s really irritating to find a product that I like only find out it is no longer carried by the store. There are several brands out there but this one was by far the best so far. Please, please don’t issue coupons on a product, especially on one that I like, if I an no longer purchase this product. I am in Pinetop Az, a small community and do not have a lot of choices on shopping. Two Safeways and a Walmart are our stores.
    SIncerely disappointed, Barbara Wright

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