SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Hershey’s Kisses Flavor of Hawaii Coconut Almond

Hershey s Kisses Flavor of Hawaii Coconut Almond

I’m not sure about coconut being the “Flavor of Hawaii.” Well, at least it not spam. (Spotted by Ron Good at CVS.)

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7 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Hershey’s Kisses Flavor of Hawaii Coconut Almond”

  1. I don’t think of coconuts or almonds when I think of Hawaii. Why would they not be macadamia nut?

      1. I’ve had those, but they were only available in Hawaii and unfortunately they don’t make them anymore. Maybe they couldn’t source enough macadamia nuts since they don’t own Mauna Loa anymore.

  2. As a coconut addict, I was hoping for a more coconut flavor. More like white chocolate almond with a very slight hint of coconut. Not horrible but not amazing either. Maybe it’s also because I am not a white chocolate fan too. If these were dark chocolate I bet they would be good.

  3. How different can this be from Almond Joy? Since they’re from Hershey’s why aren’t these Hershey’s Almond Joy Kisses?

    That could start a whole new line of kisses based on other Hershey products. Reeses Peanut Butter Kisses. Kit-Kat Kisses. York Peppermint Patty Kisses (I know there has been mint kisses, but these would have the peppermint patty filling). Take 5 Kisses.

  4. I bought them at the Vegas Hershey store this week and the are amazing. In the past I had the ones exclusive for Hawaii with the macadamia nuts in them and this was very close to tasting the same. The best!

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