Unicorn Frappuccino

Here are a few interesting junk food-related stories from the past week or so. Enjoy.

Exhausted Starbucks baristas ‘hate’ the complicated-to-make unicorn drink that’s taking over Instagram (via Business Insider)

19-Year-Old McNugget Sauce Sells for $14K and the World Is Doomed (via Munchies)

KFC’s Colonel Sanders: The Man, the Myth, the Mascot (via Eater)

Why Are Dairy Queen Blizzards Served Upside Down? (via Mental Floss)

Where Have All the Fast-Food Playgrounds Gone? (via Eater)

One thought to “WEEKEND READING – 4/22/2017”

  1. When will journalists learn that an ended listing price does not mean the item actually sold for that amount? You can tell by the amount of bids (187!) that the auction was never going to sell at whatever price it ended at.

    Of course, said journalists don’t care because the price becomes a clickbait title. Sad state of affairs.

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