BACK ON SHELVES: Lay’s Limited Time Flavor BLT Potato Chips

Lay s Limited Time Flavor BLT Potato Chips

The appropriate chips to eat with a BLT are back! How these would taste between slices of bread? (Spotted by Sean S at Target.)

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9 thoughts to “BACK ON SHELVES: Lay’s Limited Time Flavor BLT Potato Chips”

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong (but don’t because I’m not wrong) but all these limited edition flavors from Lays are just ideas they got from the Do Us A Flavor contest. They just take the entries, pick three to make the contest legit, one pretty good one, one kind of weird one, and one off the wall one. The rest they put out as limited edition and without acknowledging that they were contest entries so they don’t have to pay for them. Very clever Lay’s, very clever. BUT – you have been foiled again by my powers of corporate shenanigans and potatoes!!!!

    1. See I always thought it was the opposite. They have a ton of ideas that they’ve worked through in the past and when the Do Us a Flavor contest comes along they just pick something that coincides with an idea they’ve already had.

      1. I would buy that but as a person who knows very well how corporate food companies work I’m much more inclined to believe myself. But then again – why shouldn’t I believe myself? Maybe we should team up to infiltrate the food conglomerate demon’s of the world. Marko and Breezy For Hire? Breezy to Marko? McMarko And Wife? Murder, She Ate? Ok, maybe not.

  2. “How these would taste between slices of bread?”

    You mean you’ve never had a crisp butty?!

    Or in translation from Brit: You’ve never had a potato chip sandwich before? I’m surprised! I thought every kid at some stage or another did this, if only to try and irritate their parents. 🙂

  3. So there’s lettuce flavoring in these?

    We see through you, Lay’s. At best these are BT chips. And I bet even the T is questionable!

  4. I tried the Blt chips today on a ham sandwich and it tasted good I would buy another bag I really like the chips even by themselves

  5. How do they do it? I just ate some and I am even tasting hints of mayo just like a true blt?

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