REMINDER: Today is Haagen-Dazs’ Free Cone Day 2017

Haagen Dazs Free Cone Day 2017

Aw man, it’s hot. You know what would help? Ice cream.

Aw man, I had to pay the IRS a lot of money last month. You know what would help? Free ice cream.

If that’s you, or you like waiting in lines, Häagen-Dazs Free Cone Day is today (May 9).

The annual event will be happening at participating Häagen-Dazs Shops in the United States between 4-8 p.m. tonight. Customers will receive one free scoop of ice cream or sorbet in a cup, sugar cone, or cake cone.

Wait. What the heck is a cake cone? Can someone explain it in the comments?

For more information, about Häagen-Dazs’ Free Cone Day and to find out which local Häagen-Dazs Shops are participating, go visit

5 thoughts to “REMINDER: Today is Haagen-Dazs’ Free Cone Day 2017”

  1. Cake cones are the flat on the bottom ones, sugar cones are the pointy ones.

  2. Come on dude. Everyone knows what a cake cone is. It’s the most common widely used cone. The cheap, classic, dry, mostly tastless tan flat bottom cone that every fast food place uses.

  3. I was going to describe it, but since the above psts already did, I’ll just say, “Duh.”

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