FAST FOOD NEWS: 7-Eleven Caramel Bar Made with TWIX Donut

7 Eleven Caramel Bar Made with TWIX Donut

7-Eleven has a new donut in the pastry case — the Caramel Bar Made with TWIX Donut.

The donut is a yeast-raised rectangle bar topped with caramel icing, drizzled with chocolate, and sprinkled with chopped TWIX pieces. It’s 7-Eleven’s first fresh donut topped with chocolate bar pieces.

Will we be seeing more of these candy topped donuts in the future? If so, my boring predictable prediction is an M&M’s topped donut.

The suggested retail price for the limited time only donut is $1.69 at participating stores.

If you’ve tried it, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

(Image via 7-Eleven)

3 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: 7-Eleven Caramel Bar Made with TWIX Donut”

  1. It does look good.. The first thing that comes to mind though:
    A Mounds bar is not a sprinkle! A Twizzler is not a sprinkle! A Jolly Rancher is not a sprinkle, sir! Perhaps in Shangri-la they are, but not here.

  2. I had this and it was great… a part of me wishes it had a small amount of caramelly filling, but the frosting on top somehow made it taste like there was a filling in the donut. Was pretty good, but I got more of a toffee candy bar taste than Twix (I didn’t know what I was eating). Certainly doesn’t have a strong candy bar flavor regardless.

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