Here are a few interesting junk food-related stories from the past week or so. Enjoy.

12 Different Ways to Say ‘Doughnut’ Across the U.S. (via Mental Floss)

All These Taco Bell Photoshoots Really Need to Stop (via Munchies)

How the Trendiest Grilled Cheese Venture Got Burnt (via Backchannel)

Dunkin’ Donuts convinced the world to spell ‘doughnut’ all wrong (via Business Insider)

Image via flickr user Dave Crosby / CC BY SA 2.0

3 thoughts to “WEEKEND READING – 6/3/2017”

  1. Re: The Melt article

    Truly a case of ego over actual talent.

    Too many variables in food service for it to succeed in the same way as tech (primarily food ingredients at the food service level do not operate like 0s and 1s).

    Also, the innovation ultimately put forward my McDonalds works because of impersonal, line manufactured food. The hipster The Melt grilled cheeses were looking to fuse handmade with that line quality and you can’t have both.

  2. RE: Dunkin’ Donuts article

    I can see why DD changed the spelling. Dunkin’ Donuts looks much better than Dunkin Doughnuts. Also it would be easier to print Dunkin’ Donuts on packaging.

    Oh and they do have the best doughnuts anywhere!

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