BACK ON SHELVES: Limited Time Only Doritos Wasabi (2017)

Limited Time Only Doritos Wasabi  2017

Wasabi-flavored Doritos are back to burn your mouths! (Spotted by Jason B at Sam’s Club.)

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12 thoughts to “BACK ON SHELVES: Limited Time Only Doritos Wasabi (2017)”

  1. What do I need to do to get a new Doritos flavor that isn’t going to burn my mouth? All they can ever think to do anymore is heat.

  2. I have been waiting and waiting and searching online EVERYWHERE for these wasabi doritos – just saw the post today and rushed over to sams club….and they were NOT there! SO DISAPPOINTED! 🙁

  3. I spotted these at my local Sam’s Club and had to grab a bag. These are pretty dang yummy! They taste like the Wasabi Soy Almonds from Blue Diamond, which I already love. Great impulse buy, I will definitely purchase again.

  4. Wasabi is the absolute best Doritos flavor ever! Really hoping you make them a permanent flavir

  5. I found my Wasabi Doritos at our local Walmart. Went back to buy more after having shared them with the family. Disappointed at first. Kept checking back but to know avail. Had talked myself into thinking I had experienced this new flavor in a dream until I found this site. Please, please, bring them back! Wasabi Forever! Doritos Forever! (Next time I will take a picture so I won’t have to convince myself that they are real!)

  6. When are they bringing the Wasabi Doritos Back… I bought a bag at walmart and OMG Soooo Freaking Amazing and I went to buy more and they are not on the shelves… If I had known it was for a limited time i would have bought 10 bags, So disappointed…. Does anyone know if they are bringing them back??????

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