SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Lunchables Organic Pizza with Pepperoni

Lunchables Organic Pizza with Pepperoni

It doesn’t matter if it’s organic, eating cold Lunchables pizza is still unnatural. (Spotted by Alex J at Target.)

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8 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Lunchables Organic Pizza with Pepperoni”

  1. The MSRP at Target is $2.50 btw. I feel like it had a little bit more than the 10 shreds of cheese pizza Lunchables come with nowadays.

    1. White Cheddar?! They could used mozzarella for that pizza feel. I’m sure it is teeny

  2. I’m sure the parents who will buy these are tired of their kids complaining they can’t eat regular lunchables because they’re “filled with chemicals” and whatever additional BS. Can just see it now..people asking for gluten free, non-gmo, organic lunchables??

    1. Right?! I used to work at Target, and there were so many snobby moms (honestly mostly moms) that were only buying non-gmo organic stuff. One time I was walking by the lunchables and a kid was like “can we get them mom?” in the normal way that kids do, and the mom was such a jerk and said (with a tone of like “we’re better than those”) that they were garbage or something. I had to walk away I was so disgusted.

  3. I just bought a couple of these at my local Rouses and I was super disappointed. I do not eat organic normally but the store was out of the regular pepperoni pizza so I decided to give it a try. When I opened the package, I immediately noticed that the pepperoni was going brown and it smelled weird. I ate the other stuff, so a cheese pizza, and it does not compare to the normal pizza lunchables. The sauce was not near as tasty and the cheddar made the whole thing taste wrong. Will defiantly not buy again. If you are going to eat a lunchable, eat a regular one.

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