Kroger Bacon  Cheddar Omlinks

Kroger Ham  Cheddar Omlinks

OMG! These are TRUE breakfast links in that they hold an ENTIRE breakfast in them. We are one step closer to a meal in a pill! (Spotted by Brittany H at Kroger.)

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11 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Kroger Omlinks”

  1. Who come up with these products? And how do they ever get on the market, even (I hope they have tested if anyone would ever buy them).

    1. I purchased these things bcus they were on Manager special. I like the taste but why the casing? I don’t think u should eat the casing they come in. The should have just made them regular omelets

  2. I’ve tried these, largely for the curiosity of it all. They are not good. Very artificial tasting (who’d have thought it?).

  3. They taste terrible and the Kroger marketplace in Gallitan, Tn already
    has them marked down to clear them out. They had a gritty texture and the casing
    was chewy.

  4. I purchased them cause was a krogers special. Don’t like the skin around them. I got the Bacon &Cheddar one’s. Krogers! Not good! Very bland, taste like mush in a tub. I’ve got a feeling won’t last long. The only thing good about them, can cook if in a hurry. I wouldn’t even want to try them out of a microwave! I don’t think they would cook right. I did pan fry mine, but didn’t help the taste. O! And after taste is even worse. Kroger you didn’t do good on this one! Sorry! Tammy G.

  5. Do not, even for a brief second, consider trying these. Six hours later I am still belching up the foul taste. Even though they supposedly contain some of my favorite foods (eggs, bacon, cheese and hash browns) something has gone horribly wrong here. Use your money to buy a carton of real eggs and some bacon.

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