FAST FOOD NEWS: 7-Eleven Air Heads Mango Chili Slurpee Lite

7 Eleven Air Heads Mango Chili Slurpee Lite

7-Eleven has a new lite Slurpee flavor to give you brain freeze AND mouth burning.

Air Heads Mango Chili Slurpee Lite seems to be a lower calorie version of the Spicy Mango flavor introduced a few years ago. Mmmm…spice AND artificial sweeteners.

According to the label on the machine, the flavor will be available until the end of the year.

If you’ve tried it, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

(Image via reader Alek.)

10 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: 7-Eleven Air Heads Mango Chili Slurpee Lite”

    1. My guess is that it might be rotating into different stores. Of course slurpee will continue new flavors. Remember there are an average of six flavors in each stores (the classic cherry & cola is always served) so four new flavors can be rotated.

      1. Always flavors: Cola, cherry, blue raspberry, pina colada (cola served everywhere and cherry served almost everywhere)

        Usually there’s a 1-2 month gap between flavors, but this one is a 4 month gap…

        I hope in November they release a new Game Fuel slurpee (Arctic Burst will be back as a Game Fuel)

  1. That sounds terrible…why cant they have a good Lite Slurpee flavor…like cherry or blue raspberry???

    1. Agreed. Lite is the only kind I ever get, and we get only like two flavors a year, one of them per store at a time. You have to hope it’s something you like…

      I’d kill for a nice basic lite flavor, like cherry.

  2. It’s actually wayyy better then I expected. And a lot spicier then anticipated as well. Not great but not bad either. They took out the other sugar free flavor at my store so I had to try this one.

  3. It’s horrible! Does this mean it’ll be the only lower calorie slurpee offered in stores until 2018??? UGH how could 7-eveleven do this to us???

  4. Tried it today. The spice is terrible. You want to go in for something refreshing on a hot day and there’s just this obnoxious burning sensation on your tongue the entire time you’re drinking it. I don’t get it.

  5. it’s a lot Spicer that I expected and like some one already mention you got that burning feeling(in my case was in my throat).
    i didn’t like it,they could have made another flavor.
    take it from me that I love spicy food I even tried a spicy brownie which it was delicious.

  6. It’s actually extremely spicy and the more you drink, the more it starts to burn the back of your throat- almost to a sensation of being allergic to something. One of my friends actually had gotten it for me (without telling me the contents which included other slurpee flavors) and at the beginning there was a slight heat but towards the middle it really started to burn and they told me what was in it. Well at least now I know that it’s an actual thing, also it completely overpowers other flavors of slurpee.

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