SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Jolly Time Sweet Maple Pancake and Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Popcorn

Jolly Time Sweet Maple Pancake Popcorn

Jolly Time Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Popcorn

I prefer flavored popcorn products over popcorn-flavored products. (Spotted by Sylvia at Vons.)

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15 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Jolly Time Sweet Maple Pancake and Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Popcorn”

  1. Anyone know where to find this Jolly time Popcorn, esp the maple, I have searched my whole area and beyond and no one seems to have or heard of it. Even had out of town family members and friends check and nothing. Tried to contact the company and never got any response. Any help would be appreciated Thanks !!

    1. I found it at the 99 cents only store. It’s not listed on the company’s website. Might be a good service item only. Sometimes the 99 c store gets random stuff like that (just a few cases though and then it’s gone). Want me to mail you some if they still have it?

      1. Sylvie. that would be so wonderful but so much trouble for you to go to. Only if you let me pay for the popcorn, postage and money for gas, time, wrapping, etc.. then I would LOVE it !! Anything you are ever looking for just ask, maybe I can find it here !!
        Thanks so much for even checking, you’re a sweetheart !!

        1. It would be my pleasure. I know the sadness of missing out on an impossible to find item. I’ll check the Saturday. If they still have them I’ll grab them. But it’s been two weeks since I spotted them and there was only one case, so please don’t get your hopes up Jen!

          1. I won’t. promise. I know too well how things go, esp at those dollar stores, in and out the same day. Just the offer alone makes me feel such happiness. I have terminal bone marrow cancer and can’t get out and there isn’t much that sound good anymore. I’ve found that family and friends that they always say will be there to support you thru it all just don’t . I have had most friends pull away, maybe they don’t know how to treat me but I’m still the same person and can’t even remember the last time a family member even asked how I was. It’s been 8 or more months since I have even had a call from anyone seeing how I am. Guess out if sight out of mind is true. When you have been there for so many others and need them now, it’s like a knife in your heart to realize that no one you thought loved you really do care. For you to even make the offer, and I am aware they probably sold out the first day so no worries, but the offer along made me feel something I haven’t felt in months or longer, like someone actually cares and maybe I am not dead yet as everyone else treats me. Thank you for just making me feel like I still matter, that means more than the popcorn or anything. You have given me a greater gift than you can ever imagine and I am eternally grateful and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a special, wonderful woman.

        2. Jen, I honestly don’t know where to start with replying to your story. I’m so terribly sorry about your health and social situation. How terrible. I just don’t understand how the work can be so cruel. Especially those you think you can count on most. I don’t have the words that convey my emotions properly. All I can say is I’m so sorry about everything and hope things turn around for you. One good bit of news… I did find the popcorn for you! Give me your email address so we can discuss me getting it to you! Keep fighting, stay strong and true to yourself.

          1. Thank you so much Sylivie. I shouldn’t have dumped my life on you, it was just nice talking to someone who seems to be a truly sweet and caring person. I have pretty much lost faith people like you existed and you made me smile for the first time in longer than I can remember. Even if you hadn’t found them, you still would be one of the best people I have met in a very long time.
            I can’t even begin to thank you for everything, but mostly just caring.
            Thank you for everything. You are one in a million . Your friends and family are lucky to have you and I hope they know and appreciate it everyday !!
            Okay, it won’t let me post my email address on here, says it’s spam and won’t allow it. Trying to figure out another way to get in touch…

          2. Jen,
            I’d hope that one day someone would do something like that for me. Good thing come to good people eventually. I’ll post my email address in separate words you can put together and email me ok?
            Hopefully it’ll work.

            Blistering.treats @ gmail .com

          3. I would in a minute Sylvie. It’s the kind of thing I love doing, surprising someone for no reason.
            Well, hopefully I sent you an email. If you don’t get it then let me know and I’ll try again.
            Thanks so much, you really are such a sweetheart ! Jen

          4. Sylvie,
            Do you have a Facebook account ? You can look mine up by my name (Jen Hartnett) and the picture is of me and my husband. Send me a message on there or friend me. Hopefully this way will work.
            Thanks again for all your trouble !!!

    2. I wish I could have found the Confetti flavor that Marvo posted months ago!

      The only thing I can hope for is one day this brand ends up at the Grocery Outlet when they discontinue flavors.

    3. If you have an Ollie’s I would check there. I found all the flavors for around $1.98 a bag.

    4. Not sure if we can edit replies, but the flavors I found were Belgian Waffle, Confetti Cake, a Caramel, & Snickerdoodle at Ollie’s.

      1. Thanks Kelly,
        They just opened one here as well and yes they were overloaded with all of them !!
        I really appreciate the info !!

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