PUMPKINUNDATION 2017: Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie Rice Krispies Treats

Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie Rice Krispies Treats

Maybe we’ll see Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie Rice Krispies Treats Cereal next year. (Spotted by @TheJoshCatlett at Walmart.)

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4 thoughts to “PUMPKINUNDATION 2017: Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie Rice Krispies Treats”

  1. I think this sounds good but they could offer into smaller boxes so we don’t have to commit to all of the bars. I hope they do a peppermint for the holidays.

    1. Yes, I don’t understand why these companies don’t make small sizes of new products. I think they would sell a whole lot more of the items. Then if they go over well they can make these big packages. I can’t tell you how many new products I have passed up because though I want to try them I don’t want to spend so much and have a lot left over if I end up not enjoying it.

      1. That’s always how I feel about Oreos – if they sold the new/limited edition flavors in the little 6-packs or whatever I’d definitely try more of them, but I don’t necessarily want to commit to a full size package up front.

  2. It very well could be that a smaller package is available as well–I have packages of the chocolate version (and the original, I believe) in a smaller package.

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