FAST FOOD NEWS: Cinnabon Lotus Biscoff Topped Bons

Cinnabon Lotus Biscoff Topped Bons

Cinnabon is teaming up with Lotus Bakeries to offer Biscoff cookie-topped cinnamon rolls for a limited time. Customers can top any size cinnamon roll with crunchy Biscoff cookie crumbles.

Classic roll? You can Biscoff it! BonBites? Totally can Biscoff it! Mini Bon Rolls? Biscoff that mutha! Center of the Roll? Oh, you better believe you can Biscoff that!

But what about Cinnabon’s Signature Cinnamon Roll Chillatta?

You CAN’T Biscoff that.

But you CAN get a Biscoff Cookies & Cream Chillatta that features cookie flavor mixed into a vanilla frappe that’s topped with layer of caramel sauce, whipped cream, and Biscoff cookies crumbles.

If you’ve tried any Cinnabon roll topped with Biscoff cookies, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

(Image via Cinnabon.)

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  1. What is this?! Biscoff cookie butter week?! Cookie Butter shakes, cookie butter oreos, and now this? What next? Trader Joe’s drop an announcement on a new cookie butter.

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