BACK ON SHELVES: Wrigley’s Extra Mint Chocolate Chip Gum

Wrigley s Extra Mint Chocolate Chip Gum

I’m not sure how long this has been gone and I’m not sure if there are other former Dessert Delights gum flavors out there. But if you want a review of it, here’s ours from 2010. (Spotted by Sarah D at Target.)

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10 thoughts to “BACK ON SHELVES: Wrigley’s Extra Mint Chocolate Chip Gum”

  1. I haven’t seen this back on the shelves, nor is it on Wrigley’s website. Where did you get this information? Where have you found the gum? I’d love to get some but have had no luck so far.

      1. Glad for you Joanne. Perhaps they are testing it in the LA area before going nationwide? I still don’t see it on their website so I’m dubious if this is a real return. Keep me posted on what you see in your stores. Thanks.

        PS – if I get desperate I may ask if we can arrange a shipment! 😉

  2. No luck so far either. When they discontinued it, I emailed them. They recently sent an email to me stating they are bringing it back, but not under the Dessert flavors. Its not on their website. I emailed them again last week and they said its been spotted in Walmart and Target and ask your local stores to order. I have not seen in the stores yet, nor online. I love this gum!

    1. I got the same email. I have had no luck finding it in any of my grocery stores or at Target. However, I did find the gum on Amazon…costs more than the other flavors but I ordered it anyway. I’ll await either shipment or a note from them saying they don’t have it. Will update this thread either way.

  3. Found it at Walmart in Grand Rapids, MI. I know how you feel, cause I looked all over and I just recently found it there in the 3 packs!!!!

  4. Used to be addicted to the mint chocolate chip gum and was devastated when it went off the market. Talk about the joy when it finally reappeared – only to be horribly disappointed in, what seems to be a different gum! All I taste now is the mint flavor, not so much the dessert gum it used to be. Am I crazy? Did they change the original delicious recipe?

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