Cinnabon Classic Roll

Here are a few interesting junk food-related stories from the past week or so. Enjoy.

Scents from a Mall: The Sticky, Untold Story of Cinnabon (via Seattle Met)

White Castle’s Sichuan Tofu Slider Might Be the Best Fast Food Burger Ever (via Munchies)

Orange Chicken, Panda Express’ Gift To American Chinese Food, Turns 30 (via NPR’s The Salt)

Apple and Google Can’t Agree on Cheese Placement in Burger (via Eater)

The Ultimate Halloween Candy Power Ranking (via FiveThirtyEight)

(Image via Cinnabon’s website.)

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  1. why all Trader Joe’s in South Bay CA is out of Trader Joe’s 100% Organic Prune Juice? It really tastes good. When do you think stores will have it?

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