FAST FOOD NEWS: Coke Freestyle 2017 Holiday Mixes (North Pole Magic and Arctic Chill)

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Update: We reviewed them! Click here to read our review.

Tis’ the season for new Coke Freestyle Holiday Mixes!

Impulsive Buy reader Ryan K sent in this photo from a Coke Freestyle Machine at a Wawa. It features two Holiday Mixes — North Pole Magic and Arctic Chill.

According to a Reddit post, North Pole Magic is a mix of Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke, and Vanilla Barq’s Root Beer.

The last Coke Freestyle Holiday Mixes came out in 2015 and featured flavors like Secret Santa, Jolly Reindeer, and Mistletoe Flow.

If you’ve tried either one of the new Holiday Mixes, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

23 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: Coke Freestyle 2017 Holiday Mixes (North Pole Magic and Arctic Chill)”

  1. Tried North Pole Magic at a Burger King two weeks ago. It has a cinnamon and vanilla taste to the cola. It was ok. Didn’t try the Artic Chill yet.

  2. I tried both yesterday, and they both seem to be simply Coke or Coke zero with orange. I could see the orange syrup. Not great in my humble opinion…

  3. Tried it last week in Canada. Notwithstanding the Freestyle app screenshot on Reddit, up here it tastes like there’s a substantive amount of Barq’s cream soda and ginger ale rather than vanilla root beer, and like Rik I could detect orange in the mix as well.

  4. Coke zero sugar artic chill is 70% Coke Zero Sugar Orange and 30% Sprite Zero Vanilla. North Pole Magic is simply full sugar version.

    1. This is not true at all. It is 1/3 each: Coke Cherry, Coke Vanilla, and Barqs Vanilla. No orange at all. This is per Coca Cola Freestyle’s “Get the Mix” in their app. I’ve tried them and can confirm that it is orange-free.

  5. It seams weird at the first sip, but grew on me.
    Kind of reminds me of soda cap candies. I have ultimately decided I like it.

  6. I like the Arctic Chill. Kind of Spicey. Would love to know what makes it. Asked a merchandiser at a local grocery store. He had never heard of it, so it must only be in Freestyle machines. I’d buy it in the bottle if it were available.

  7. I tried the North Pole Magic today and I loved it!!! I wish that we could buy it in a 2 liter or 20 oz bottle at the gas station. Yummy!

  8. Drinking North Pole Magic here at the movie theater. Tamara nailed it with the bottle cap. Andy flavor! At the Coke museum in Atlanta a number of years ago, they put gingerbread syrup in the coke… THAT was amazing!

  9. Sipping on an Arctic Chill right now. Tastes kind of like a Dreamsicle, but with carbonation. I can’t taste any cola flavor at all. It’s not terrible; but it’s not so great that I would get another.

  10. My curiosity always gets the best of me, so I tried North Pole Magic from Freestyle at my beloved local Wawa. Well, I trembled in holiday fear that it was going to be some mouthwash minty kind of addition. Wow! It’s terrific. We spent a while trying to determine what the different flavor was and settled on vanilla plus some kind of gingerbread-ish spice. If you like a good, bold root beer (like Barq’s), you’ll probably flip for this.

  11. I love North Pole magic.I know in my head it’s a nonalcoholic but it sure tastes like it has a touch of rum to me ! ?

  12. Whatever it is, it’s a combo of normal flavors. The machine we have at my job got this flavor but we definitely did not receive any new syrups to accommodate it. A weird gimmicky feature that I kinda hope is eating up flavors that don’t often get used. 🙂

  13. We think the new mix for 2017 tastes like Coke with a 50/50 bar. YUM! We could drink this all year long!

  14. I tried the North Pole Magic. At first it was kinda strange. But after drinking it I want it in the bottles!! It’s my fave holiday soda now 🙂 hope they keep it around for the holidays every year!!

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