SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Perry’s Limited Edition Sugar Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Perry s Limited Edition Sugar Cookie Dough Ice Cream

(Spotted by Caitlin J at Wegmans.)

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5 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Perry’s Limited Edition Sugar Cookie Dough Ice Cream”

  1. In case anyone is curious: No, it doesn’t taste like Holi-Doodle :'( That being said, as a sugar cookie ice cream they nailed it with a perfect 10/10! The icing swirls don’t taste like cake icing, they literally taste like sugar cookie even more. The entire thing reminded me of eating an ice cream version of those Pillsbury Ready to Bake Sugar Cookies that have cute different seasonal themes stamped on the front ^-^ <3

    1. Holli-Doodle is THE holiday flavored ice cream. I keep hoping it will come back. If so, I will buy like 10 of them.

      1. That ice cream was Christmas in a container!

        So good! Of course if something’s that good it never makes a return (well last year it did but suffered from listeria issues).

    2. Ha ha, Caitlin J. That is exactly why I came to the comments. I never tried Holi-Doodle, but now I regret missing my opportunity. I’m not sure if you have Homemade brand ice cream near you, but they sell a seasonal Santa’s Cookie flavor. I have no idea how it tastes, but the coloring and description seemed similar to Holi-Doodle.

      Check out Nick from On Second Scoop’s review:

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