SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Sour Patch Kids Fire

Sour Patch Kids Fire

Sour then sweet then FIRE! (Spotted by Rachel C at Target.)

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4 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Sour Patch Kids Fire”

  1. The flavors are Berry Blaze (purple), Tropical Flame (orange), Apple Fever (green) and Angry Watermelon (red).
    There is also a warning on the back of them saying not to consume too much at once since the heat sensation + sourness can cause mouth irritation.

    I’ll just wait for the Freeze ones (these will have a cooling sensation and are a lemonade variety mix)

  2. I tried them. They aren’t spicy at all.

    Flavors ranked from most to least favorite
    1. Purple
    2. Red
    3. Orange
    4. Green

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