BACK ON SHELVES: Hostess Suzy Q’s (2018)

Hostess Suzy Q s  2018

Update: We reviewed it! Click here to read our review.

The previous Suzy Q’s released in 2015 was horrible. How horrible? Read the comments in our review of it. Despite being bad, it stuck around for two years. But now Hostess is going back to its original recipe. (Spotted by Scott K at Walmart.)

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11 thoughts to “BACK ON SHELVES: Hostess Suzy Q’s (2018)”

  1. This is the most awesome news I’ve heard in months! But I’m going to remain guardedly optimistic so I don’t get my hopes up and dashed again after their last inedible attempt! And hopefully it doesn’t take forever to find these!

  2. I miss the original Hostess products. They shrunk everything when they came back. Twinkies, Zingers, Cup Cakes are all smaller than they used to be.

    1. Actually Hostess shrunk most of its products before filing for bankruptcy…most people think it was because of new ownership but nope.

  3. For some reason, I enjoy reading the comments on the Hostess Facebook. People flooded their Facebook comments requesting Suze Q’s. Then when it happened, they said they were terrible. So hopefully the masses are happy about thia change. Honestly I am a zinger, chocodile, and swiss roll girl myself.

  4. On a tangent if anyone is in Las Vegas at the Aria hotel the buffet’s version of the Hostess Suzy Q’s is amazing.

    The cake is moist and fluffy and the cream is light as a cloud.

    1. Also in Vegas, Bouchon Bakery does a take on a Ho Ho but they call it an Oh Oh. It is quite the dessert if you like chocolate cake filled with pastry cream which I do!

  5. I picked up a box of the new Suzy Q’s and wow! Very moist cake and they did not scrimp on the cream filling. These are 10 times better than the originals. Now, if they could come out with a chocolate coated version, I will never ask for anything ever again 🙂

    1. Oh I hope you’re right! I’ve missed these for years! When the new ones come out last year they were such a huge disappointment. Can’t wait! And yeah, chocolate covered would be amazing!

  6. I was actually disappointed in the cream filling. It seemed grainy and not the light creamy filling that I remember from years ago. The cake however was light years ahead of the cake from a couple of years ago.

  7. Just picked up a box. Though it isn’t an exact replica of the Suzy Qs from back in the day, it is a MUCH better attempt than the last one. The cakes are now bigger, darker, and mister than the last version and are loaded with cream. I do wish they were even darker but I applaud the company for listening to us and actually improving what they gave us last time. Will definitely repurchase!

  8. I love them! I’ve just bought my second box in two days. They are 97% what they used to be. The cream is different, heavier and sweeter. They definitely kill the sweet tooth with just one , so no two packs needed, but the cake is dark and fudgy just like before that last hot mess they tried to pass over one us. I’m not going to complain about them, they taste really close to the originals and I’m thrilled to have this new version available.

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