SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Hostess Cake Slices (Iced Lemon Cake and Cream Cheese Pound Cake)

Hostess Cake Slices  Iced Lemon Cake and Cream Cheese Pound Cake jpg

I have horrible willpower when it comes loaves of sweet stuff. This will help if I buy one and not a dozen at a time. (Spotted by Scott K.)

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5 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Hostess Cake Slices (Iced Lemon Cake and Cream Cheese Pound Cake)”

  1. I hope Hostess is also coming out with a Birthday Cake slice. There aren’t enough birthday cake flavored things available on store shelves.

  2. Curious to know how these will compare to entenmans…I think entenmans cakes are terrific for packaged goods. Individual servings are never as fresh but if close, they are a more convenient treat to transport.

  3. Let me just say that they are never many left on the shelves in my local H-E-B. I love the fact that it is portioned sized to compliment any time of the day. It taste even better if you warm it up in the microwave for 12 secs…..(a scoop of vanilla ice cream just make it all right). Don’t past it up…give it a try!

  4. Love the lemon cake but haven’t been able to
    find it any where. Can you tell me where I can find it.

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