Here are a few interesting junk food-related stories from the past week or so. Enjoy.

Five Reasons McDonald’s Is Back on Top (via Eater)

The First Girl Scout Cookie Was Surprisingly Boring (via Atlas Obscura)

New Technology Aims To Take The Sugar Out Of Gelato — Not The Flavor (via NPR’s The Salt)

Caramelized White Chocolate Is for People Who Hate White Chocolate (via Eater)

The Fast Food Numbering System That Repeatedly Inspires Theft (via Atlas Obscura)

One thought to “WEEKEND READING – 2/10/2018”

  1. A rather silly McDs article. They’ve turned it around… yet most of the reasons they stated are in test market locations and not national. So how did these reasons actually affect the turn around? To the comment on the article, Eater looks pretty stupid, bashing McDs for years now. However, that was pandering to their user base so what can you do.

    The gelato article is total fluff. The “Diete.Tic” he slips in is a mix of Ace-K, saccharin and cyclemate. You know, 3 artificial sweeteners. While the process of his machine may build in some of the over-run you wouldn’t normally be able to keep without solids, the sweetness is being pumped with the same stuff everyone uses. No magic here.

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