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Here are a few interesting junk food-related stories from the past week or so. Enjoy.

Wendy’s went from wholesome fast-food darling to dickish internet troll (via The Takeout)

Conquerors of Ketchup, Sir Kensington’s Sets Sights on Ranch Dressing (via Bloomberg)

Why Michigan’s Favorite Hot Dog Has a New York Name (via Atlas Obscura)

How One Woman Won the Fight Against McDonald’s Coffee Stirrers (via Extra Crispy)

2 thoughts to “WEEKEND READING – 3/10/2018”

  1. I’ve seen the Sir Kensington product on shelves, actually picked up the bottle, looked it, saw the price and put it down. No surprise it’s popular at Whole Foods where price is expected. The bottles and jars are way too small for what is essentially the same taste that you can get for half the price.

    The hook of no “we only use ingredients you can find in your kitchen” also falls apart with ranch. You cannot make ranch without glutamates – it will taste like herbed mayo – so “nutritional yeast” (what is really autolyzed yeast extract) is total bullshit – no one has that in their kitchen (plus gum arabic and xanthan gum, to a lesser extent). They must have bound and gagged the regulatory dept at Unilever so they didn’t squash that claim dead.

    What’s even worse is Unilever bought them. After they spun off Wishbone to Pinnacle 2 years ago? Lol are you serious? Unilever defines poorly run. It won’t be long before Unilever starts cost reducing the fuck out of their products and a lot of that wholesome bullshit gets tossed out.

  2. Huh, that Wendy’s article may have a point…
    *proceeds to eat wendy’s over McDonald’s*

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