SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Totino’s Pizza Rolls Mini Snack Bites (Pepperoni and Combination)

Totino s Pizza Rolls Mini Snack Bites  Pepperoni and Combination

For those of you who think Totino’s Pizza Rolls are HUGE, here you go. (Spotted by Amanda Y at Market Street.)

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3 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Totino’s Pizza Rolls Mini Snack Bites (Pepperoni and Combination)”

  1. I am conflicted about these. Part of me is confused as to why these exist, whereas, the other part of me would probably push an elderly lady out of the way to get to them if I spotted them in my grocer’s freezer.

    1. Same… I’m buying them the first time I see them. That way, I won’t feel as bad saying I ate 20 pizza rolls when 20 is an appropriate serving size for these.

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