SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Soylent Cacao, Cafe Coffiest, and Cafe Vanilla Ready-To-Drink Meals

Soylent Cacao

Soylent Cafe Coffiest

Soylent Cafe Vanilla

Not new, but now available at Walmart. Don’t know what Soylent is? THE FUTURE! I hope not, but if you’re interested, read up! (Spotted by Carla at Walmart.)

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10 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Soylent Cacao, Cafe Coffiest, and Cafe Vanilla Ready-To-Drink Meals”

  1. The only one of these that’s actually good in the chai one, which it looks like they don’t have! The other ones are pretty gross :/

  2. Haha, that was my first thought as well. They weren’t thinking when they came up with the name for that one.

  3. Their facebook is amusing. Tons of people saying it’s people, and tons of health nuts telling them the joke is old and to stop.

    I actually finally saw these recently at a store, thinking you bought them through their website only. This make me curious because I like having nutritional shakes on hand.

    1. Considering the origin of the company, I don’t think the health nuts have any basis for complaint.

  4. I tried the order from the website version, I wanted to try Soylent because I was basically what they were claiming the target market would be. Don’t really enjoy cooking, find it a waste of time much of the time, and would just like something to grab and be completely nourished.

    I just couldn’t drink it. While not on the level of an Andrew Zimmern, I have eaten some pretty, shall we say interesting, things and I just could not do it. Decided the hassle of preparing food was worth the pain. I would be interested in trying one of these, but not at tree fiddy. I’d rather give that to the Loch Ness Monster.

  5. I thought it was bad enough that they picked that name, but then I read up on them. Turns out tons of people have serious digestive discomfort while eating their products, they have a lawsuit against them over lead and cadmium content, and it’s been reviewed as looking like “watered down semen”. And that’s all on top of the fact that by all accounts this is comparable to popping “meal pills” instead of actually, you know, eating. I think subsisting entirely on store-brand hot-dogs may be preferable.

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