SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Red Bull Summer Edition Coconut Berry Energy Drink

Red Bull Summer Edition Coconut Berry Energy Drink

(Spotted by Zach at Safeway.)

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5 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Red Bull Summer Edition Coconut Berry Energy Drink”

  1. Coconut berry ????? ugh. I LOVED grapefuit twist. I normally don’t drink the sugared versions but I made an exception for that one since it was so good. And now we get this….

  2. Just bring back the original Silver Edition Lime FFS.
    That thing was great by itself, with a splash of vodka or rum.
    And actually tasted like lime, not like that horrible sugar free one that they make now.

    We do not need all these weird flavor combos. Make it coconut OR berry, not both.

  3. This is perfect. I’ve had coconut berry before and it is fantastic. I plan on getting one soon… gonna be delicious.

  4. I absolutely hate coconut anything, but this is an amazing flavor. It’s a hint of coconut and more of a blue raspberry flavor. It’s probably the best one Red Bull has released. I miss the Grapefruit one but it did not sell enough (probably due to poor can design and most people unable to differentiate from Red Edition) to be permanent.

    I miss the reformulated Silver Edition.

  5. Been waiting for this since the first F1 race when my favorite team plugged it.

    Been enjoying it for the last few weeks and actually just drank one this morning.

    The coconut is very low on the flavor scale but the berry does come out strong on this one.

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