SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Chobani Flip Cookies & Cream Greek Yogurt

Chobani Flip Cookies  Cream Greek Yogurt

(Spotted by @ReneBarba89 at Vallarta Supermarkets.)

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3 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Chobani Flip Cookies & Cream Greek Yogurt”

  1. Gross. Would not buy a second time. Yogurt is fine, chocolate cookie pieces are fine, but the “creamy white icing” pieces are not creamy, nor are they icing, I don’t think. I guess they’re white, so the description isn’t a total bust, but they’re very firm and totally tasteless. Do Not Want.

  2. Disagree with Amy. The pieces may not taste like “icing” but they are basically white chocolate. The flavor profile works. Chobani is really doing an excellent job with this “flip” product line; I’ve tried over 10 flavors and haven’t found one that I didn’t like.

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