SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Chef Boyardee Throwback Recipe

Chef Boyardee Throwback Recipe

I imagine the throwback price would be the price in the photo, but without the 1 and 4. (Spotted by Amanda Y at Market Street.)

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7 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Chef Boyardee Throwback Recipe”

  1. Picked up all of these new products in NY and I can tell you that these canned pasta products are great. They have eliminated corn syrup from their sauces, are using angus beef and real romano cheese in these recipes. The old Chef products have been around forever, but the throwback recipe products will replace the old for they are superior. The sauce is delicious!

  2. Hubby found these at Winn Dixie in Bessemer Alabama and let me tell you, it brings back childhood memories. I cannot believe how much better the beef ravioli tastes, compared to the new stuff on the shelves. I told hubby to buy a couple of cases of it, it is so much richer, thicker, and more meat in the sauce. Yum.

  3. I just found this at the local walmart today.. omg… so much better. I’m not sure if I ever had it before it got changed to rubbish, but I remember it not being as good as it used to be. This however, was awesome. Easily, the best canned pasta dish ever in my life.

    1. I just picked up 10 cans of this after trying a can of beefaroni throwback. Wow this was good!
      conaggra needs to put the word out.

  4. I live in Chesapeake, Va. I found a can o Throwback Ravioli at Walmart about a week ago (July) went back to purchase more and the shelf was empty. I am so disappointed the can I bought was so good, it tasted like it did when I was young, so much better than what we get now.. I hope Walmart will replenish.

  5. I loved Chef Boyardee Ravioli from childhood to early adulthood. It certainly did change for the worse starting 10-15 years ago however. It got to the point over the last 5-10 years where I just stopped buying it. The “beef” in the ravioli tasted horrible and the sauce wasn’t anything to write home about either. Happy that it’s made a return to form with the delicious throwback recipe. Too bad it’s 50-60 cents more though.

    So many other canned/packaged foods like Campbells Chunky Soup and Hillshire Summer Sausage have certainly become worse taste wise too. I suppose most manufacturers are just cutting corners and doing whatever it takes to reduce production costs for the ever growing mass market.

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