BACK ON SHELVES: Sierra Mist (2018)

Sierra Mist is back 2018

Sierra Mist  2018

Goodbye, Mist Twst! Hello, Sierra Mist…again for the second or third time. I’ve lost count. (Spotted by David L and Zachary Z at Walmart.)

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15 thoughts to “BACK ON SHELVES: Sierra Mist (2018)”

  1. Let’s hope they keep the non HFCS Sierra Mist in stock. It gets pretty ridiculous that they keep taking it away yet Pepsi can keep it’s Made with Sugar varieties available all year long and never take them away. If people want the HFCS version then let them have it too, just like the Pepsi varieties.

  2. I am so excited to see the real sugar version return! I was so disappointed when they switched the recipe to HFCS because I have a sensitivity to it and OG Sierra Mist and SM Natural were the only two sodas I could drink! I also can’t have caffeine so that really limits it! I will be on the lookout for it on shelves!

    1. Sierra Mist with real sugar was not the OG Sierra Mist. When it was introduced in the late 90’s it was sweetened with HFCS up until about 2010. But those of us who actually hated thit switch to real sugar apparently don’t matter to PepsiCo.

  3. Huh…wonder if I’ll be able to find it now. Mist Twst was super hard to find…at least the diet kind. I can only drink diet soda because of the HFCS in soda/pop. And Mist Twst happens to be one of the few I can stomach (that and diet Dr.Pepper). I’m also wondering if the normal Sierra Mist will be 100% sugar cane or not. If it is, I can drink it…if not…I’ll have to get the zero sugar one I guess?

    1. I don’t know if you have tried it or not but one of my coworkers is diabetic and he has to drink sugar free drinks and he said that the diet mountain dew is very similar to the original. Just wanted to throw that out there incase. Hope it helps.

  4. I actually love the flavor of the mist twist and wish that it would still be available at the same time. I understand that some people can’t have or don’t like high fructose corn syrup but, like the obvious majority of at least the US population I prefer it to natural sugar when they switched Pepsi to natural sugar they didn’t get rid of the other version like they are with mist twist. Maybe the market is too small for PepsiCo to bat an eye at mist twist versus Sierra mist customers but, if the could just offer both I would be and I’m pretty sure alot of other people would be happy too. In my local grocery store they had six racks for mist twist and they were almost always empty and they only have just one half rack for sierra mist and it’s been full since they brought the product back so, I know that my family isn’t the only one that prefers the corn syrup version even if most of the people commenting on most social media outlets say that most people like the natural sugar version.

  5. This sucks…Mist Twst was just like the original Sierra Mist, back before they RUINED it by switching to real sugar. Back to Sprite I go!

  6. FYI: the fountain version is still the Mist TWST formula; their site indicates this; and, Today I confirmed this is correct in a chat with Pepsico. And, all versions still contain Calcium Disodium EDTA.

  7. I am disappointed. The last sierra mist was awful because it had aspartame in it..and I LOVED Mist Twist. I do not like any of the “real sugar” brands. Going back to Sprite.

  8. I’m glad you got Sierra Mist back on the shelves; but what is the holdup with diet Sierra Mist? I have been waiting and watching the shelves to no avail. I’ve been reduced to drinking diet Ginger Ale. It’s not the same. Please bring back to diet Sierra Mist soon.

  9. Found Sierra Mist w/real sugar at Walmart yesterday for the first time in a couple of years. Only had one 2 liter bottle and three 6 pks of the 7.5 oz so bought the three 6 pks. So glad it’s back! Sprite, 7 Up, and Mist Twist is too sweet with HFC and I don’t consume anything with aspartame in it. Stevia is OK if they don’t over do it: tastes like saccarin (sp?) to me. The drinks with Stevia and sugar mixed are OK, too.

  10. I am diabetic and have Crohn’s disease. I liked Mist Twst (although I did think the Twst spelling without the I was sort of STUPID !!). I was able to find Sierra Mist Zero about a month ago in cans. Now it is nowhere to be seen. I thought changing the name to Mist Twst was strange (again kind of STUPID). but what is up with Pepsi? Are they making any lemon-lime sodas that are sugar-free so diabetics can drink them?

    They want people to be loyal followers of their brand but when they take the product away, what are we to do?

  11. So glad the real sugar version is back! I just hope they don’t add stevia or any other sugar that’s not from sugar cane! When that’s done it’s an awful taste like the last Sierra Mist that replaced Natural Sierra Mist where some additional type of sugar was added and ruined the soda. Hope it stays real sugar. Thank you Pepsi!!!

  12. What stores sell Sierra Mist?
    Why does the taste of Sierra Mist different from one can to another one?
    There is a big difference in taste, one is awful, what’s the difference?

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