BACK ON SHELVES: Planters Cheez Balls and Cheez Curls (2018)

Planters Cheez Balls  2018

Planters Cheez Curls  2018

They’re back! (Spotted by Robbie at Walmart.)

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15 thoughts to “BACK ON SHELVES: Planters Cheez Balls and Cheez Curls (2018)”

    1. I love them, I came across these reviews when trying to find a place they are for sale retail. I like the little tangy taste. Young woman who stocks at Walmart told me they are indeed seasonal. They can be purchased online and looks like Walmart online is best price.

  1. I absolutely loved the Cheez Curls when I was a kid, but the new ones are nothing like them. The new ones are too much like cheese puffs–not dense, like the old ones. They also don’t have a very strong flavor. The old ones had a great, salty-cheesy flavor and these are just mildly cheesy. I wouldn’t know it was supposed to be the same thing if I didn’t get them out of a can.
    Haven’t tried the Cheez Balls, though. I was never a big fan because they cut up my mouth.

    1. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who thinks that the Cheese Curls seem “off”. I absolutely agree that the texture and taste are vastly different from the ones I ate in the 80’s – 90s. I was a fat little chunker during that time and must have eaten my weight in Cheese Curls & Cheese Balls.

      These new Cheese Curls taste like grocery store generic cheese puffs.

      Sometimes, it is better to just leave things in the past especially if you’re going to introduce a product that is significantly different from what everyone enjoyed aka the Hostess rule (Their entire lineup of snacks is terrible since coming back from bankruptcy)

  2. YES!!! Now, when Keebler brings back their Pizzarias pizza chips, the 90’s will be officially BACK!!!

  3. They taste like Cheetos in a can. NOTHING like the original taste. Was soooo excited when I saw them, and bought two cans only to have the highlight of my day to turn out to be the biggest disappointment of my day. Save your money and memory and pass over them while shopping.

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