SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Tyson Waffle Breaded Chicken Strips

Tyson Waffle Breaded Chicken Strips

(Spotted by Robbie at Sam’s Club.)

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9 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Tyson Waffle Breaded Chicken Strips”

    1. My wife and I really like these. Don’t expect them to be like restaurant chicken and waffles. They aren’t. But they are tasty. Can’t find them at my Sam’s Club any more. I was told they are seasonal. Why? Can’t wait to find them again.

  1. What are the disclaimers attached to the ‘no anti biotics ever’ and ‘100% natural ingredients’

    chicken and waffles isn’t really a thing here but did try it in london last year – i really liked it!

  2. I really enjoy these and hope that they are here to stay. Maybe other stores should start selling them. I like the fact that you can taste the maple flavor in them, and you don’t need any dipping sauce for them. They also taste good cold.

  3. Really do not like them. They have a coffee type smell and flavor. Even my toddler won’t touch them. What kid doesn’t like chicken tenders! We thew the whole bag out.

  4. I have been able to pick these waffle battered chicken strips at my Sam’s in Smithfield, UT for a short while. I am so very disappointed that they are no longer available. They were the best tasting chicken strips I have ever had. The maple flavoring really made them stand out and were so delicious. I am a single senior and I loved the fact that I could cook up just 2 or 3 pieces for a meal. I only wish they had come in larger packages. I hope that Tyson will continue to make this recipe and get back out on the shelves of ALL the stores, not just Sam’s. Please, please put this product back on the shelves. I would definitely buy a package approximately every 2-3 weeks. If you aren’t going to put them back on the grocery shelve, then please provide a recipe for the batter so I can start to make my own! A very upset senior who hates having anything I love removed from the shelves.

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