SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Brach’s Maple Candy Corn

Brach s Maple Candy Corn 3 oz

Brach s Maple Candy Corn

I can’t believe this is the first time Brach’s has put out a maple candy corn. You’d think maple would’ve been one of the first flavors since it’s a fall flavor. But, nope! The brand made over a dozen other flavors before maple. (Spotted by Sylvia at CVS.)

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4 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Brach’s Maple Candy Corn”

  1. I almost didn’t bother taking a picture; I also thought maple candy corn would be a thing! Wonder how artificially tasting it is; maple is one of those easy to mess up falvours.

    1. I make my own maple syrup so, when something says maple flavor I am usually disappointed cuz it’s far from it, Brachs maple candy corn was not one of those times I was shocked how much maple flavor it had and a good maple taste not just a hint of maple flavor. I found these at my CVS drugstore and decided to go get another bag, well I was to late they were sold out of all of the maple flavor candy corn and weren’t getting anymore in for the Halloween season. I was told they’re asked by a lot of customers if they were getting more in I wasn’t the only one. I went online to Brachs to try to order some and their site list a lot of flavors I’ve never heard of, like mint but no maple flavor. I’m hoping this flavor comes out again next year for Halloween.

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