FAST FOOD NEWS: 7-Eleven Sour Patch Kids Zombie Slurpee

7 Eleven Sour Patch Kids Zombie Slurpee

Sour Patch Kids Zombie candy has been making trick-or-treaters’ lips pucker for years. This Halloween season, the purple and orange chewy candy with a sour coating has been turned into a Slurpee flavor.

7-Eleven and Sour Patch Kids have collaborated a number of times over the past few years to create Slurpee flavors, like Sour Patch Watermelon and Sour Patch Redberry.

Limited Edition Sour Patch Kids Zombie

And, like with those previous flavors, 7-Eleven is selling bags of the actual candy in its stores. So feel free to spend some money to sprinkle Sour Patch Kids Zombie candy on top of this Slurpee. Or stick them in the slush beverage at different depths to make look as if zombies are digging themselves out it.

If you’ve tried Slurpee flavor, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

(Spotted by Robbie at Stripes, which is owned by 7-Eleven.)