SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Great Value Danish Butter Cookie Flavored Coffee Creamer

Great Value Danish Butter Cookie Flavored Coffee Creamer

It never occurred to me that this could be something in my life. But now that I know it exists, I want it in my life. I want it in my coffee. (Spotted by Kayla L at Walmart.)

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7 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Great Value Danish Butter Cookie Flavored Coffee Creamer”

    1. Usually the tin of cookies when empty. Grannies would put sewing stuff in the tin. So when we see it thought it was cookies but open it there is sewing stuff. Long running joke.

  1. I bought this last night after seeing it on here. Drinking it right now. I like it, but it tastes almost identical to the Lucerne Snickerdoodle creamer I bought last week. It’s good, but I don’t remember the Danish Butter Cookies having such a cinnamon component. Maybe it’s the exact same thing and Walmart markets it as Danish Butter Cookies whereas Lucerne markets it as Snickerdoodle. Either way, it’s got a nice flavor and I recommend it. I guess when I finish the bottle, I can rinse it and put my needles and thread in there!

  2. I actually like this better than my long standing favorite, hazelnut. I went to bed last night looking forward to waking up to this. Yes, I have no life.

  3. Not what I expected. I don’t remember cinnamon in butter cookies. Tastes like cinabon creamer. I will be taking it back to the store.

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