FAST FOOD NEWS: Coke Freestyle Fanta Winter Wonder Lime

Fanta Winter Wonder Lime

Coca-Cola is sharing holiday cheer with its Freestyle machines. Earlier this month, we let you know about three holiday flavors – Seagram’s Cheery Cherry Vanilla Ginger Ale, Coca-Cola Jolly Cherry Vanilla, and Sprite Merry Berry.

But, it turns out there are more Coke Freestyle Holiday flavors this season. Reader Matthew A. discovered Fanta Winter Wonder Lime at an AMC Theater. It’s unknown if it’s an exclusive flavor to the theater chain. If any other readers know of anything, let us know in the comments.

If you’ve tried it, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

7 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: Coke Freestyle Fanta Winter Wonder Lime”

  1. The holiday flavors are really lazy this year. Would it be too hard of them to add a new mix in flavor for LTOs like maybe salted caramel syrup, blackberry syrup, etc, to emulate their bottled holiday flavors from last year instead of ‘here’s a syrup option we should be offering you normally, but held back so we could later market it as ‘limited’?

  2. Eden – 100% agreed. Merry berry Sprite tasted like cranberry Sprite to me. Nothing new in these holiday flavors at all.

  3. At WaWa stations in the Philly-metro area, to include far-north Delaware and possibly South Jersey, they have had a Sprite-based “Eagles Lime-Up” option for the last few months. . . which is simply Sprite with the overly-chemical / medicinal / artificial tasting lime-syrup barely mixed in . . . . if you put the cup up to the light, you can see that part of the syrup never completely dissolves into the soda-base.

  4. Just saw today on Instagram that the Fanta Winter Wonder Lime is an AMC Theaters exclusive flavor.

  5. Tried the Fanta Winter Wonder Lime at an AMC Theater the other night. It was delicious!! Loved it. I was bummed to find out I couldn’t buy it in stores.

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