SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Charms Fluffy Stuff Bacon Cotton Candy

Charms Fluffy Stuff Bacon Cotton Candy

Looks like normal cotton candy. It also looks like Wilbur’s body on a stick. (Spotted by Alek at Dollar Tree.)

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6 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Charms Fluffy Stuff Bacon Cotton Candy”

  1. Fluffy Stuff has really been branching out in recent months. They did a birthday cake flavored cotton candy a few months ago, I just recently found a Fluffy Stuff lip balm, and now this.

    1. I tried the birthday cake flavor and it was bit odd. Almost like artificial butter frosting and that cloying sweetness of “frosting”.

  2. Actually dumb enough to try this. It was surprisingly good. It didn’t taste strictly of bacon, but the smoky salt was good against the intense sweetness cotton candy is known for. That said, the goodness only lasts as moment before the after-taste that comes in, and it is nasty. Fake bacon flavor that reminds me of chewing on pink pearl erasers as a kid. That aftertaste doesn’t leave either. Not after drinking water, not after eating a small meal, not after drinking soda. It took at least half a day for that artificial bacon flavor to leave. I wouldn’t buy it again, but it was worth the $1 to at least experience it. If they had given up on ‘bacon’ and just stuck with the initial salt and smoke, it would be good, but that bacon flavoring ruined it.

    1. I think they could call it smoked cotton candy and call it a day. I would love to see peppermint cotton candy. No brainier literally. All just have to combine red & white cotton candies and flavor it with peppermint.

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