FAST FOOD NEWS: Dunkin’ Cinnamon Bun

Dunkin Cinnamon Bun

Dunkin’ is testing a sweet treat that could compete with Cinnabon’s main offering.

Dunkin’s Cinnamon Bun features cream cheese icing and is served warm. It’s currently available for a limited time at very limited locations. The photo above was sent in by reader James D at a Dunkin’ restaurant in Massachusetts.

If you’ve tried it or seen at your local Dunkin’, let us know in the comments.

9 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: Dunkin’ Cinnamon Bun”

  1. My local Dunkin has these in NYC. It cost $3 each! I saw a foil tray of cinnamon bun sitting on the prep station. Obviously it been premade then warmed to order. Icing is on the side and iced to order. I haven’t tried it yet.

  2. So Dunkin Donuts finally decided to drop the word donuts, and that’s what they were always known for. WTAF. Even years ago when they carried other items besides donuts they were still called Dunkin donunts. I don’t care, I will always refer to them as Dunkin Donuts.

  3. They are are several locations here in the Boston suburbs. I can’t stonach food at 6AM when I stop in for my coffee before work but they smell good. Most Dunkin food is subpar tho

  4. Cream cheese frosting is a personal pet peeve of mine. It seems like it is getting harder to find the vanilla powdered sugar glaze these days.

  5. The Dunkin on Boston Post Road in Port Chester, NY has them.

    The one I bought was slightly dry… it’s a good thing I had a coffee with it.

    Also, I would’ve preferred a less rich frosting. The kind of glaze they put on their donuts would’ve been fine.

  6. I tried one on Summer Street in Arlington, MA. Like Ben’s, mine was also fairly dry. I didn’t care for the frosting at all, and I’m usually a cream cheese frosting fan.

  7. This looks like what I bought at Charleston SC airport. A Dunkin Donuts area in a shop there. It was $2.99 but worth it. Not warm but really good size. Tried to find it at a local Dunkin Donuts but all the had was a “Coffee” roll. Not the same.

  8. I live in Southeastern MA. These cinnamon buns are to die for! I am typically a very healthy eater but, these things have completely changed that! I find myself buying one every single day! As of this week however, they are no longer available.

  9. I live in southeastern MA. I miss these!! They were sooo good – including the delicious cream cheese frosting!!! Can’t find anything close to these anywhere. Store bought bakery ones just have an icing which doesn’t compare!!! Are they coming back?? PLEAASEEEE!

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