SPOTTED: Good Thins Three Cheese and Parmesan & Garlic Crackers

Good Thins Three Cheese Crackers
Good Thins Three Cheese Crackers
Good Thins Parmesan  Garlic Crackers
Good Thins Parmesan & Garlic Crackers

Remember when Wheat Thins used to come out with new flavors all the time? Those were good times in the snack blogging world. But now Wheat Thins have been relegated to some janitor’s closet, while Triscuit and Good Thins slowly eat up Wheat Thins’ shelf space. (Spotted by Carla at Safeway.)

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One thought to “SPOTTED: Good Thins Three Cheese and Parmesan & Garlic Crackers”

  1. I found these yesterday, but the box is misleading. Usually you can identify the cracker base by looking for “The X One” right above the flavor. Both of these are actually brown rice crackers that you’d expect to be billed as “The RICE One”, and oddly the White Chedder crackers are also now billed as “The CHEESE One” when they used to be sold as “The POTATO One”. By citing cheese, it gives the false impression that these are one of those new crackers-made-of-cheese products that have started popping up everywhere.

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