SPOTTED: Stouffer’s Bowl-Fulls

Stouffer s Bowlfulls Fried Chicken  Mashed Potatoes
Stouffer’s Bowlfulls Fried Chicken & Mashed Potatoes
Stouffer s Bowlfulls Cheesy Chicken Parmesan
Stouffer’s Bowl-Fulls Cheesy Chicken Parmesan
Stouffer s Bowlfulls Slow Roasted Steak  Potatoes
Stouffer’s Bowl-Fulls Slow-Roasted Steak & Potatoes
Stouffer s Bowlfulls Southwest Style Mac  Cheese
Stouffer’s Bowl-Fulls Southwest Style Mac & Cheese
Stouffer s Bowlfulls Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta
Stouffer’s Bowl-Fulls Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta

Stouffer's Bowl-Fulls Spicy Italian Sausage Pasta

Stouffer’s and Bowl-Fulls kind of rhyme. Good job, committee that came up with that name. (Spotted by Leila P at Publix and Tommy at Stop & Shop.)

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4 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Stouffer’s Bowl-Fulls”

  1. I guess the Fried Chicken bowl didn’t add cheese because it would be an exact replica of KFCs famous bowl.
    No matter, easy enough to add it ourselves 🙂

    1. Yea , had it last week … the potatoes were pretty good , gravy not bad… chicken… a bit too light on the breading. As KFC adds at the time of order its crunchy so microwaving for about 7-8 minutes total , softens it right up.

      Again , ok , but nothing to write home about. Now that Southwest mac and cheese might not be that bad (local store didn’t have to try at the time)

  2. Bacon chicken ramch mac and cheese looks and tastes pretty similar to cat food. Chicken is good the sauce is not. Chewy bacon.

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