BACK ON SHELVES: Doritos Limited Edition Retro Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch Tortilla Chips (2019)

Doritos Limited Edition Retro Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips

Doritos Limited Edition Retro Cool Ranch Tortilla Chips

Stranger Things retro product? (Spotted by Sarah D at Dillons.)

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12 thoughts to “BACK ON SHELVES: Doritos Limited Edition Retro Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch Tortilla Chips (2019)”

  1. Too bad they couldn’t retro the bag size back to what it used to be. When the bags looked like that, you got 15 ounces of Doritos for $1.99. Now you get 9 3/4 ounces for $4.29. Holy shrinking packages, Batman.

    1. I 100% agree, bring back the old dorito formula, I stopped buying any doritos now, they taste terrible.

  2. They are good. I was so happy to get them. Brought back childhood memories

  3. Glad I’m not crazy…I literally stopped eating Nacho Cheese Doritos a few years back after being my lifetime fav.. They tasted more like a harsh cheap taco seasoning than the wonderful cheese taste. Tonight I saw the Limited Edition Nacho Cheese Flavor Chips and bought them thinking I’d be disappointed, but had to try. They were amazing, exactly as I remembered from just a few years back..cheesy, not spicy, just pure bliss. I’ll buy another bag or 2 as long as these are out there, but never again the new version they ushered in over time.

  4. Finally found them today…they taste just like I remember (well, as well as I can remember, given that the last time I ate these was a decade or two ago, but who’s counting?). They’re cheesy, just the right amount of seasoning, with a warm finish and slightly buttery lingering taste. I’m kind of glad these are limited edition, because I’m aware this is not going to be the only bag purchased.

    1. Yesss just like old times….time travelled back to the 80s. Sooo yummy! I bought 3 bags “just in case” ?

  5. Please put them back on the shelf. I’ve eaten about 20 bags since Kroger put them on the shelf and now they are gone. Please please please!!!!

  6. Hi do you know where can i purchase Doritos Limited Edition Nacho cheese flavor chips, I can find them.

    Capt Terence Duncan.

  7. They need to bring back the Dorito’s Corn chips in the yellow bag. There was nothing like them!

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